On Pins and Broken Needles


August 17, 2016

So at some point, I'm going to do more timely updates than what I have been. This year was not that time. New photos up in the Mistress 9 gallery, as well as three new costumes: Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Spirited Away Bathhouse uniforms, and Kiki.

January 11, 2016

Happy New Year! Like with most things, I'm a littl behind on that greeting. But to distract you from my tardiness, have a new costume write-up: Mistress 9. I also updated my About page with info on this year's conventions and links to my various social media accounts. (I have facebook AND a tumblr now!)

October 22, 2015

Here there be updates! Three completely new costumes (Kate Bishop Hawkeye, Green Arrow, and Postal Agitha) as well as new photos in LoliLoki and Livewire. Enjoy!